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Top 10 Best South African YouTube Channels 2018

Top 10 Best South African YouTube Channels 2018

We bring you the Top 10 Best Upcoming South African YouTube Channels. South Africa’s YouTube community is growing immensely as data becomes more affordable. 

Due credits go to companies that are determined to bridge the digital divide in South Africa by making Data affordable and we’re sure 2 of the big network providers in South Africa can’t relate.

We must appreciate South African YouTubers who are making content that’s worth watching and are frequently producing, hence we are subscribed to their YouTube Channels.

We have thus compiled Top 10 Best Upcoming South African YouTube Channels 2017/2018 based on the number of subscribers, frequent content production, and total channel views.

We have done extensive research on this list and chose the best 10 South African channels. We are so excited to see black men and women owning these streets, against all odds.

If you also aspire to also be one of the best YouTubers, it will not happen overnight. It requires hard work, consistency, research, great content and investing on your YouTube channel. It will eventually pay-off.

Ok, Here’s the list, in descending order.

10. Zuziwe Gcuku

10 351 Subscribers

Zuziwe started her YouTube channel as a method of coping with depression and started in 2015 with 5 subscribers which now has grown to over 10 000 subscribers. Her channel is about beauty and lifestyle. Our favorite video is where her husband does her makeup and completely messes her face. Husband tags are always the best.

9. Yolz Channel

12 417 Subscribers

Whether you have an Afro, or you want to better care for your natural hair, Yolz channel is the one for you. Yolz is such a humble lovable soul and makes it look very easy to take care of an Afro.

8. Daily Update South Africa

14 555 Subscribers

If you love politics but you really do not have the time to watch the political drama unfolding live, then you’ll love Daily Updates SA. They feature clips of political drama. Unsurprisingly, content featuring Julius Malema is leading with over 300 000 views per video.

7. Cynthia Gwebu

21 866 Subscribers

One thing you can’t separate from Cynthia is class, luxury, and sophistication. Our absolute favorite video is her Office Tour video which will leave your jaws dropped. Cynthia’s video frequently features high-end products and international brands, however, her makeup tutorials will surely take your makeup skills to another level.

6. Nhlanhla OnLife

26 647 Subscribers

Nhlanhla reviews popular TV shows and talks about trending celebrity news in a very unique and chilled authentic way. The best thing is that he does this in IsiZulu which is not popular in South Africa’s YouTube Community. His videos are very funny, conversational and interactive with the audience.

5. Thenjiwe Comedy

28 555 Subscribers

Then there is the Queen of skits, stand-up comedy and the madam of the Khambules, Thenjiwe, who also stars in two shows on our favorite new black-owned channel 157 Moja Love; Judge Khambule and The Khambules. We are just here for Thenjiwe’s relatable sense of humor.

4. Mzansi TV

33 245 Subscribers

Mzansi TV is the most popular channel for viral videos with the top 3 videos having over 1 million views each. They feature content about celebrity news and entertainment. If you love dance moves, you’ll absolutely love Mzansi TV, with exclusive content from Eyadini Lounge, eMlazi.

3. Lasizwe Dambuza

35 650 Subscribers

Lasizwe’s recent encounter with Jay Versace was probably the most hilarious twars so far in 2018. It’s crazy how South African Black Twitter suddenly isolated themselves from ever knowing a person by the name of Lasizwe yet they are the same people who watch and subscribe to his channel and overall over 3.5 million channel views. You got to love Black Twitter. Anyways, Lasizwe’s channel at top 3 with his rants, funny skits and storytime videos.

2. Ofentse Mwase Films

60 455 Subscribers

What happens when you mix high quality produced videos and comedy skits? You get the amazing team of OM Films. I often wonder why aren’t we seeing such great content on television instead of the repeats DSTV is shoving down our throats, however that does not take away the fact that OM Films is one of the greatest YouTube channels in South Africa. OM Films also produces amazing music videos for your fave artists and commercials.

1. Mihlali Ndamase

75 886 Subscribers

If you have never binge-watched Mihlali’s Make Up Tutorials, you are missing out on minimalist, simple yet elegant makeup tutorials. I hope you’re not still drawing eyebrows like our cousins who work at Shoprite. God forbid! We no longer draw eyebrows with black pen, we fill them in and conceal bantase. Mihlali took over 2017/2018 with her YouTube channel growing fast. No one can deny that Mihlali has a bright future in this Media industry.

Who is your favorite YouTuber? Share with us in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share on social media.
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