2020 Twitter Influencer Trends: Micro/Nano Influencers

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Micro/ Nano Influencers

Nano-influencers are influencers with a social media following of 1000-10000. Micro-Influencers are influencers with a social media following of 10000-50000. Micro/Nano influencer marketing works the best because Micro/Nanos have high credibility. They have niche audiences. Their Advertorial content appears organic- perfectly blending with their own content. The key element of viral marketing is creating posts that are worth sharing. Micro and Nanos, breeze at that.

Micro-influencers are brand favorites. Brands are leaning more towards organic content marketing that micro/nano influencers bring into a marketing campaign. Though Micro-influencers may have smaller audiences, they gain more reach when for example a topic enters trending lists and attracts larger audiences that might not necessarily follow these micro-influencers.

To micro and nano influencers, as much as chasing a large following through follow-trains may seem like a good idea, but I would like to appeal against and say, once you reach 10k Followers, start approaching brands (I will do a separate post on how to get promo campaigns soon). Also, do approach Digital Marketing companies that work with these brands in campaigns because most of the time, brands do not directly scout for influencers. They hire agencies for a marketing campaign and agencies decide the rest.

Rather focus on keeping your engagement rate up and consistent by cementing a relationship with your audience. If you have questions relating to influencer marketing, comment down below.

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