I took a break

I took a break

First of all, I apologize that I haven’t blogged in months. When people say University 3rd year is elimination round of “So you think you can graduate”, it is so true. I went through the most. See this tweet.

As a previously excluded student, starting my final year made me so nervous and fear that if I make one mistake, I will be back to square one and disappoint my granny again.

Even though my grades are good, but I am always anxious that I need to keep them good. I hate failing. It traumatized me.

That is the core reason why I chose to focus on my studies. It paid off though because I managed to pass all my modules and bagged a certificate of merit and other top class passes for my modules. That made me so happy and proud of my efforts.

As much as I suck at multitasking, but I need to find the time for blogging consistently, which I promise that I will.. from now.

I couldn’t even blog about when Forbes Africa contacted me, which I will tell you more about soon.

Let me know how you manage to multitask?

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