Moja Love’s #Uyajola99 Honest Review: A South African Cheating Syndrome

Moja Love’s #Uyajola99 Honest Review: A South African Cheating Syndrome

Last night marked the premiere of a new season of Moja Love’s Uyajola 99. Uyajola 99 is a South African spinoff of the popular American show called Cheaters that plays on Moja Love Tv 157. It is one of the top 5 most watched shows on DSTV averaging a viewership of 800 000.

It has been faced with mixed reactions others commending the fight against infidelity and others pointing out flaws of hypocrisy and biases on the prevention or the lack therefore of abuse when it comes from women to men; men abuse. Somizi was also quoted on Times Live commenting on the same predicament.

Men abuse

Whilst some may rightfully argue that physical abuse against cheating men should be condemned, one also argues that cheating is also abuse and should be condemned with the same energy. No one deserves to be cheated on, just like no one needs to be laid a hand upon. 

Drama and plot twists

I will unashamedly admit that I love drama tv content and that it is one of the core conventions of Uyajola99. The first episode was my favourite because it was filled with drama and a plot twist. For two hours, i got to forget about the corona virus and the anxiety-inducing vaccine debate that has been filling my timeline.

The wife who wrote on the show had the shock of her life when she indeed found her husband living with another woman. However, the biggest plot twist was when it turned out that she seemingly never broke up with the man she was dating before meeting her husband. Whilst it seems that their marriage is over, my biggest red flag was when the husband plain right refused to start divorce proceedings with his wife regardless of the fact that he says he has moved on and proposed marriage to another woman; the side chick. The danger of this is not knowing the real reason why he doesn’t want to divorce her. 

Marrying in community of property

This highlights the dangers of marrying in community of property and it being not explained thoroughly within the black community. Also, the stigma that if you do not marry in community that means you’re planning to divorce your spouse or you do not love them enough. Marriage as an institution was created by men, to benefit men to an extent that if the man ruins the marriage, it is the woman who moves back home to pick up the pieces she did not break. Same applies with in-community-of-property, on the surface, it seems fair however in reality, it is the man who benefits. 

Main message

With that said, we need to take with precision the message being spread that if you are no longer happy in a relationship, just walk away and cheating is not the solution but it only brings in more people into the circle of confusion and hurt.

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