I bought a Renault Clio: First Car

I bought a car: undlunkulu Xoli

I seriously finally bought a Renault Clio as my First Car! I am super excited to finally be able to share with you that I bought my first car in March 2020, a Renault Clio. I had been planning to buy a car for a while. I want to share with you my journey. I am not a technical person so I did not look for technical specifications of the car. All I knew was that if I ended up buying a Renault Clio, it has to be an Automatic transmission and it has to be red. Lol.

I was always on car sites looking at many cars, weighing my options, weighing alternatives and somehow I always gravitated towards a Clio.

I started contacting dealerships, but I also contacted Audi, Toyota, Mercedes Benz and Mazda. I was looking at either an Audi A1, or Toyota Yaris, Marc A Class, Mazda CX3 or a Renault Clio. Few days later I was contacted by Thanda Motaung from Alpine Renault in Hillcrest. He quoted me a very good deal, it was within the budgeted amount. A day later, he fetched me from Westville Campus to go see the car.

I bought a Renault Clio
  • I bought a Renault Clio
  • I bought a Renault Clio
  • I bought a Renault Clio

When I arrived at the dealership, I just fell in love with what I saw. It was even more beautiful in person. I knew that yes, this is me, this is mine.

We did the paperwork and boom, I was a car owner. I could not believe it. The next day, I went to fetch it and took pictures. Listen, driving an automatic is nice BUT be prepared to pay more for an Automatic because they cost more than manual transmissions. I had done a Code 8 license for an automatic so I had no choice but to buy an automatic car.

I have no regrets though because I never wanted to change gears ever and I knew that when I buy a car, it will be an automatic transmission.

I have been driving it for 2 weeks as of today and it is such a pleasure to drive and it is fuel efficient. It has an ECO mode functionality that saves fuel for you and teaches you how to save fuel by avoiding rapid accelerations and rapid braking.

The sound is insane!!! The first song I played was ‘Into Ingawe by Sun El Musician ft Ami Faku. Yazin, I am in love!

I’d like to give a special shout out to Thanda Motaung for making the whole process super easy.

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