“Frank and Fearless” Honest Film Review

“Frank and Fearless” Honest Film Review
“Frank and Fearless”
Genre: Comedy
Studio: Thabede Menzi Films & Dapple Films
Plot Outline: An aging reprobate (Leon Schuster), a rural African boy (Thembalethu Ntuli), a large dog, and an orphaned baby rhino set out to stop the rhino slaughter. Their quest takes them through hysterically funny situations as well as times of tragedy, and they end up an inspiration and a conscience to a world in need of heroes. A family film in the side-splitting Schuster comedy tradition, combined with a timeless story with a huge heart.
Starring: Leon Schuster, Thembalethu Ntuli, Kenneth Nkosi, Khanyi Mbau, Jennifer Steyn, David Dennis, and Mary Twala.
Directed by Gray Hofmeyr
Written by Gray Hofmeyr & Leon Schuster
Produced by Menzi Givenson & Andre Scholtz

My Rating: [yasr_overall_rating]

I watched this movie nervous that it’s just another Leon Schuster movie full of pranks and oh boy! No one prepared me for what I saw. Gray Hofmeyr is the ultimate king of comedy film. Somebody give this man a Life Time Achievement Award already!!!

“Frank and Fearless” is the most environmentally friendly film I have ever watched, and not in a bad way. The story revolves around saving Rhinos and raising awareness about Rhino Poaching. It is artistically and beautifully done so much it doesn’t feel like an Environmental Science lecture presentation. I would like to see more films taking the route of telling stories that raise awareness about environmental issues and be able to pull those actions stunts we all love.

Roles have changed in “Frank and Fearless”. It’s unlike in Mad Buddies where Leon Schuster and Kenneth Nkosi where they were inseparable best friends.

In this film, Kenneth Nkosi plays Dolf, an antagonist. He is a Rhino Poacher disguised in a Ranger suit, who claims that he protects Rhinos from poachers.

Frank Fearless Film Review

Photo: Frank and Fearless Movie

The fun starts when Fearless, played by Thembalethu Ntuli realizes that Rhinie’s mom (his Rhino friend) has been killed by Rhino Poachers. He gets on a mission to kidnap the Ambassador of an Asian country at their Embassy in Pretoria. In an absolute coincidence, ‘Frank’ played by Leon Schuster, who had just been fired as a Chef, gets an interview for another job in Pretoria. So, they both head to Pretoria however, but it is not a smooth trip at all.

This film will take you in an emotional rollercoaster. There are scenes where you will laugh your wig off and there are scenes that will keep you in suspense.

Can we talk about Khanyi Mbau’s insane acting skills?! Khanyi has grown so much as an actress and it’s blissful to watch. In this film, she plays Beauty. She cannot see without her thick geeky glasses. She is a ranger, lovely, sweet character. She is often undermined by Dolf. In the end, she plays a huge role in saving the day.

Frank Fearless Film Review

Khanyi Mbau. Photo: Frank and Fearless Movie

There’s absolutely nothing I did not like in Frank and Fearless. Zilch.

My favorite scene was when Frank and Fearless got arrested by Dolf. Frank swallows a Kruger Rand coin so that Dolf doesn’t confiscate it. Later, Fearless makes Frank poop out the coin since it was the only money they had and their only hope to save the Rhinos.

After Frank poops out the coin, Dolf catches them and demands they hand over the coin. Unknowing that Frank just pooped out the coin, Dolf tastes the coin to test if it is a real Kruger Rand coin or it is fake. You can imagine how it tasted like. His face when he was later told that he tasted Frank’s sh*t, was absolutely priceless!

The primary lesson of this film is “Stop Rhino Poaching”. And also to refute the myth that a Rhino horn heals all kinds of diseases. But more importantly, if you believe in something, go for it and stop at nothing until you achieve it.

This is why I recommend this film, not because it’s a South African film but because this important message should be seen by everyone. Of course, the cinematography is exceptional. The film is insanely funny, you will love it. Take friends, kids, in-laws, cousins, anyone, it is a family friendly film.

The only reason this film gets 4.5 out of 5 is that I believe that the graphics and special effects could have been more perfected. Overall, it is a thumbs up from me!

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